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Outline of Services

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Comprehensive Assessment of Community’s Wellness Program-Allure & Wellness Management Services will provide a detailed assessment of your community’s current wellness program.  This will be accomplished by fully engaging within the community.  AWMS will spend time with residents by attending and observing calendar events, visiting at breakfast, lunch, dinner and just walking around the community.  AWMS will spend time with Leadership and staff members to gain insight on their level of understanding of the wellness culture and their contribution.  In addition, we will analyze current programming and offerings, resident satisfaction, resident participation and marketing opportunities.  AWMS will facilitate program development, implementation and quality assurance of multi-dimensional wellness programs. 

Allure Wellness can offer a complete assessment on the area/s of concern and provide an action plan with solutions for implementation.  Every aspect of your community impacts and reflects on the community’s wellness culture.  The wellness culture is the foundation that molds and defines your community.  Leadership, staff and residents must Embrace it….Live it!...Breathe it! 

Embracing Brain Wealth-AWMS is fortunate to have as a Strategic Partner an award-winning author and brain training expert.  Embracing the philosophy of the book “Better with Age:  The Ultimate Guide to Brain Training,” we offer a proven strategy to take charge of your brain assets and boost performance at any age. Our expert partner takes an applied, humorous approach to demystifying the science and encouraging life, liberty and the pursuit of neuroplasticity.  AWMS has had the privilege of working with our brain training expert for seven years and during the past two years, collaborating on a “Train Your Brain” pilot concept at an active adult community in south Florida.  The success and experiences of this program was and is impactful.  The proven techniques have expanded the brain wealth concept to multiple levels offering a series of workshops inclusive of “Train the Trainer.”  The powerful and unique component of this philosophy is the involvement of residents and staff together! 

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Innovation & Technology-As the smart home technology revolution grows, active adult communities are increasingly incorporating this technology on a device-by-device basis to improve specific aspects of the care and living experience.  These items include passive fall prevention detection platforms, fitness and nutritional guidance, health risk management, thermostats, lights, resident engagement, security, telehealth, centralizing data to produce measurable outcomes and social connection.  Innovative active adult communities are pivoting toward smart homes to deliver their value propositions.  Your residents have the same questions they’ve always had-they want to know how Leadership will keep them safe, happy and independent.  Additionally, innovated technology has made a tremendous impact on wellness programming for all levels of care.  Allure Wellness’s Strategic Partners within the innovations & technology field will deliver programs and services beyond your expectations.  One of our Partners is a national health and wellness company providing Virtual Reality solutions to Active Adult Communities, Assisted Living & Memory Care, Veteran’s homes and home-health care providers.  The company is intelligently curating a vast library of VR content and creating original programming designed to provide diverse, meaningful, entertaining and memorable experiences.  In addition, our partner is working with leading US universities and researchers to study the potential cognitive health benefits for our dynamic and aging population using Virtual Reality. 

Now for the icing on the cake: To affirm that we understand the usage of technology from a resident’s      perspective, we have a dedicated group of older adults on our team which are residents within an active adult community as consultants that will provide guidance, training, presentations and facilitate technical implementation. Truly incredible! 

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Fitness Specialization-AWMS will expand the knowledge of the aging process and introduce effective approaches to fitness and care that celebrate the positive aspects of aging while optimizing vitality and happiness.  Our experts offer specialization in development of physical fitness outcome-based programs that support optimal aging and help support disease maintenance and prevention.  As the demand for impactful fitness programs and centers increases, AWMS Strategic Partners can consult and facilitate with proven fitness programs,  fitness equipment, supplies and creative studio design & layout. 

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Dementia Friendly Communities-Allure Wellness has highly regarded experts in the dementia spectrum as their Strategic Partners.  Our partners have proven techniques, concepts and best practices.  Allure Wellness advocates decreasing the stigma and labeling that surrounds those older adults that are living with cognitive challenges and promotes resident integration and “deeper knowing” to produce a meaningful life.  Whether you are a family member, caregiver or a community seeking specialized dementia care training and certification, an organization that needs guidance in creating dementia care programs, or in need of recruiting for clinical trials; our Partners help navigate through Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia.  AWMS and their Strategic Partners will provide your community compassionate care through unmatched skills and knowledge. 

Thought Provoking Spiritual Life-For many people, traditional religion is not enough.  Spiritual people are searching.  Spiritual people are asking tough questions.  Is there more to your spirituality than you have been taught?  What would happen if you were to question the religious teachings of your childhood?  Are there spiritual practices that can make your faith experience richer, more exciting and more rewarding?  

 “The Thought Provokers” are a Strategic Partner with AWMS and they have designed programs to accomplish two goals:

  • Challenge participants to think beyond the traditional religious “truths” they have been taught.

  • Present new points of view that can enhance a person’s understanding of the Divine and, in the end, the person’s relationship with the Divine.

  • AWMS realizes that each community will have its own needs and objectives.  Through our Strategic Partners, we are prepared to provide the program or programs that are conducive for your setting.

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Multi-Generational Assimilation Opportunities- Today’s older adult — and, crucially, tomorrow’s older adult — wants an active lifestyle, a connection to the outside community and avenues to share their lifetime of experiences, skills, wisdom and knowledge. Their desires and demands are coalescing into an ever-expansive “senior” housing opportunity:

  • Intergenerational living:  Also known as multigenerational living, active adult communities are embracing and even inventing new approaches to deliver the cross-generational experiences that today’s active adults crave. Through innovative programming that bridge generations, this evolving landscape is changing the face of intergenerational active adult living, thus creating a bold, new opportunity for our evolving industry. 

AWMS is fortunate to be collaborating with a multi-generational/multi-cultural fine arts program developed by a professional opera singer with advanced music degrees along with university platforms.  The goal is to synthesize the total artistic, social, and educational experience and to enrich the individual lives of all in your community through meaningful and purposeful artistic presentations…evoking vibrancy, energy and sheer productivity that result when people of all ages come together.  In addition, AWMS will facilitate an Artist in Residence program within your community.  This is a powerful program that offers tremendous value to your wellness programming and to the livelihood of your residents. 


Full Proof Active Aging Week- Allure Wellness is a member of International Council on Active Aging and fully supports the annual initiative, Active Aging Week.  Each year, this week long event focuses on celebrating the positivity of aging today.  This dedicated week promotes the benefits of healthier, more active lifestyles across the life span.  The objective is to provide older adults the means to experience wellness programs within a supportive environment.  From the perspective of the community’s lifestyle team, the planning of this annual event can become overwhelming and challenging to develop and manage.  Allure Wellness has developed a framework that will guide your team in the development process.  The template that we have created will simplify and facilitate Active Aging Week and construct a week that will deliver enjoyment, education, creativity, engagement, friendships and most of all, memories!


The Silent Challenge-Impact on Wellness: It is bigger than any of us think-Managing incontinence is where Wellness and active aging begin. Allure Wellness is proud and honored to be collaborating and have as a Strategic Partner the leader within personal care products.  Fear of an accident can lead to social withdrawal and depression, impacting one’s dignity and overall wellness.  “Isolation is the Enemy of Active Aging.”  There are incontinence-related challenges that are faced by communities around the country.  Evident is the lack of education and how to manage.  These difficulties stem from a lack of guidance and training and AWMS along with our Strategic Partner can provide your residents and staff with solutions.  Tackling this challenge MATTERS! We can improve comfort, dignity and independence; thereby enhancing the quality of life. With our expertise, AWMS can educate staff on how to identify community members that are struggling silently and best practices to have conversations with your residents and family members.  Let’s talk about it!  It is a fact of life and they are not alone. AWMS facilitates and provides interactive presentations and discussions on the Silent Challenge.  The bonus is the trust that you build with your residents.  Once they open up to you on such a personal matter, you’ve got their trust…a whole new level of your relationship with your residents!  From a business perspective, think of the expense that incontinence is costing your community.  How is it impacting your organizations operations? How is it impacting your residents’ overall well-being?  Think about it…What is the number one reason for a resident to transition from Independent Living to Assisted Living?  AWMS offers solutions that will improve your residents’ quality of life and your bottom line!   


Nutrition Awareness- There’s no one diet that is right for everyone, so it is important to follow a healthful eating plan that’s packed with delicious foods and that keep your unique lifestyle in mind.  It is essential that staff and residents have an understanding of what constitutes a proper diet for health, as well as the skills and motivation to make good food choices.  This will ensure nutritional wellbeing. 

Your diet plays a critical part of your health and while some foods are obvious to avoid, it can be a challenge to achieve and provide the dietary needs for staff and residents.  Allure Wellness will support your Dietary team and Nutritionist by reviewing current menus, ingredients, venues and processes.  We will offer recommendations for various dietary requirements that will enhance the overall dining experience.  In addition, AWMS offers educational workshops for residents and staff on how to eat and prepare healthy food options. 

Analyze Resident Satisfaction Survey Results and Produce Action Plans-Every community places a tremendous amount of effort, attention and emphasis on the results of their Resident Satisfaction Survey… As they should.  The difficult challenge is for Leadership and team members to look at non-favorable results objectively.  It is human nature to take it personally; as a reflection on one’s work.  AWMS will consider every angle, research and discuss one-on-one with staff and residents. We will provide action plans with the best interest of the community in mind along with recommended steps for implementation.

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Methods to Unify Community and Promote Wellness Culture- Allure Wellness will evaluate your Organizational Culture of Wellness.  We determine the benchmark of your organization’s readiness for current and future consumer needs and desires.  As we analyze the overall assessment, we will identify areas that need guidance/ support and recommend steps to move your company forward.   Through thoughtful and meaningful engagement with Leadership, staff, residents and family members; AWMS will observe how each role encompasses the wellness culture.  AWMS will provide awareness training and education on how team members contribute, take ownership and invest in the community’s wellness program.  Following methods presented by AWMS, interdisciplinary silos will be diminished, integration of residents throughout the continuum will be obtained and standardizing the fusion of residents and staff will achieve a healthy environment and a unified community.  An important take-away:  The first two letters of the word wellness is “WE.”  It takes an entire community to cultivate and sustain an effective wellness culture. 

Distinctive Salon & Spa Services That Provide Dignity, Self-Respect and Socialization -Allure & Wellness Management Services' operates a salon and spa services division; Muir Salon Group, and is a provider of upscale salon management services for active adult communities.  Over 20 years of salon management experience in the senior living industry has given them an excellent perspective of what creates a value-added amenity to each community they serve.  A predominant element within wellness stems from how you feel about yourself.  The quality services that Muir Salon Group provide integrates the wellness culture.  Residents restore their dignity, confidence and self-worth.  When a resident feels good about themselves, it resonates and reflects on their overall well-being. 

Muir will become an integral part of your community. Through interaction with directors, social services and wellness, they create a marketable amenity that can be showcased to current and prospective residents.  At Muir, their role is to provide more than just a salon service. They create an environment within the salon that exemplifies the community's commitment to providing first-class amenities for its residents.


Participation in Clinical Studies-Understanding the Value and Process- Allure Wellness believes that one of the most important aspects of one’s well-being is to have meaning and purpose within their life.  What better way to achieve meaning and purpose than to contribute to a cause that will achieve a beneficial outcome?  Leadership encourages methods to obtain measurable outcomes to support their value propositions.  It is beneficial for Marketing to have data that demonstrates innovation and industry research.  Anytime a community has the opportunity to “blaze the trail” and/or make a direct impact on residents’ lives, it is a Win-Win for everyone involved! 

Speaking Engagements, Presentations, Podcasts and Webinars-The purpose and mission of Allure Wellness is to share experiences and knowledge.  Members of the Allure Wellness team have had opportunity and good fortune of authoring multiple industry publications and present for International Council on Active Aging, LCS National Conferences & Symposiums and Senior Living 100 National Conference. Alllure Wellness has obtained ICAA's Leadership in Wellness Management Certification and the President,Verna Chisman, is Co-Chair of ICAA Education Committee. AWMS and Strategic Partners welcome the opportunity to present on wellness related topics and motivational speaking for community-based events, marketing endeavors, staff meetings, local and national conferences, summits and symposiums.

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