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Reflecting on the twenty (20) plus years of experience within the senior living industry, it has been an incredible journey to witness the evolution of the industry. Every aspect of your community impacts and reflects on the community’s wellness culture. The wellness culture is the foundation that molds and defines your community.


Defining and implementing an effective Wellness Plan will enable and empower the staff to provide extraordinary service for the residents which in turn enhances their lifestyle and quality of life. When residents are engaged and feel they have a sense-of-purpose, it impresses a positive and direct impact on their health. Maintaining physical and mental well-being enables residents to remain independent longer, which also has a positive impact on your company’s bottom line.


Partnering with AWMS allows your community to obtain an objective point of view; the value of interim/contract staff utilizing experts for advice and guidance, as needed, and innovation to your community's wellness programming in an efficient and economical manner. Our mission is to be the motivator for your staff and resident's wellness programs...give them the tools, confidence and inspiration to make an impact! We truly believe this is the support that communities need and the direction of our ever-changing industry to remain financially efficient and a step ahead of the market.

The demand by seniors to not be called “seniors” is not one of vanity. It is one of realism. With life expectancy rising and health levels improving, the traditional notion of a “senior” is no longer relevant. Seniors know that, and their lifestyle demands reflect that understanding. AWMS supports the redefining of aging and offers guidance to embrace this philosophy. Explore our menu of services keeping in mind that the needs of each community are unique. From a comprehensive assessment of your community inclusive of action plans to a brief one hour lecture, AWMS has every aspect of a wellness culture covered.


Through the collaboration with our Strategic Partners, Allure & Wellness Management Services will deliver the highest level of expertise and services to elevate your community’s wellness programs and plan. The dedication and passion exemplified by the AWMS team will penetrate your community’s culture and provide tools, experiences and knowledge that will set you community apart within the industry.

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